The method and business principles of our company

The working principle of the company is to start work when the customer pays an agreed advance payment of 75% of the total. From this moment begins the deadline for making and he is always expressed in working days (Saturday and Sunday are not counted as working days). If you do not pay in advance we are not required to start working.The prices that you get by offer or by phone are always without taxes, and the final amount of the bid value is multiplied by 1,2.

Appearance of arrangements, photograps and design are owned by our company and are protected when they're announced on the website and other publications by our company. We have the exclusive right to use photographs of our arrangements made ​​at any space and if you do not want to display the arrangements on our site or advertisement, it should be noted before starting work.

Appearance and size of arrangements are negotiated before starting any work. Any changes made ​​in the course of work should be agreed later in the volume, and cost, if deviating from the original agreement on the basis of visualization

The warranty for the equipment and the work is 12 months from the completion of work and payment of the rest of the agreed-upon price within 7 days after completion.

Completion of the deal is when the package is run and the client has no objections.

If the rest of the agreed amount is not paid within 7 days, it is considered that the guarantee is no longer valid.

If arrangements are damaged within the warranty period, we will repair the damage as soon as possible. If the damage incurred due to improper handling, we are not obligated to execute repair at our expense.

We do not accept claims for living things, but we will be consistent in good business and professional positive assumptions, and do our best to provide all the conditions necessary for life and maintenance.

Please read these notes and react to workflow accordingly to them.

AL PUNTO natura design d.o.o.

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Exhibition - showroom

It is located in the Garden Centre on Vidikovac. Entry to the salon-shop is enriched with 6 meter long aquarium, below which is entrance into the shop and in which swim fish from the Amazon (big piranha, Oscars, sharks ...). On the left and right side of the entrance to the shop, water walls are set, along with bonsai trees, and placed in front of the outdoor fountains, columns with water bubbles and mini-fountains from natural stone. On entire length of one side, a artificial stone wall is placed, in which are placed exhibition shelves with equipment for aquariums, terrariums, garden ponds, etc… And on another side, also on entire length shelves with aquariums are placed, designed by the most modern methods of filtration and life support systems. In a central part are positioned aquariums for plants, and terrariums with exotic animals and insects, and a counter desk is aquarium itself.

Maintenance service

We also maintain the arrangements that we design and create, so maintenance department is stepping on the scene with completion of the project. Maintenance is organized on the principle of monthly, annual or periodic visits with regular or emergency services for aquariums, fountains and water walls.