- Zebrasoma xanthurum - Purple Tang -


Klasa: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

Red: Perciformes (perch-like fish)

Familija: Acanthuridae

Latinski naziv: Zebrasoma xanthurum

Naziv: Purple Tang

Ishrana: as with all Tangs they graze on algae all day long. if there is not a lot of algae in the tank you must supplement vegetable matter. I recommend Nori, the stuff sushi is wrapped in. it is available at any good oriental food store. you can use spinach or romaine lettuce but this is not a natural food for them and should only be used every once and a while. they will also eat brine shrimp which should ocasionally be fed to them. other frozen and flake foods are o.k. for filler, but nothing more.

Ponašanje: purple tangs are good communtiy fish and have a good temperment. However they are aggresive to other tangs, as are all other tangs.

Min. Tank Size: 55 gallons
Temperature: 77-80 °F
pH: 8.2-8.4
Max Size: 7-8 inches

065/aquaria (2782-742); 063/654-784;
011/250-96-37, 011/2322082

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