- Zebrasoma veliferum - Desjardin Tang -


Klasa: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

Red: Perciformes (perch-like fish)

Familija: Acanthuridae

Latinski naziv: Zebrasoma veliferum

Naziv: Desjardin Tang (Red Sea)

Ishrana: Zebrasoma tangs are celebratedly herbivorous; in the wild they subsist on micro- and/or macro-algae.

Ponašanje: For hardiness, adaptability, peaceful nature, acceptance of prepared foods, and beauty it's not hard, but impossible to beat the tangs of the genus Zebrasoma. All they ask for is adequate space, some algae, and decor to hide in and compatible tankmates.

065/aquaria (2782-742); 063/654-784;
011/250-96-37, 011/2322082

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