- Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis - Bluestriped angelfish -


Klasa: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

Red: Perciformes (perch-like fish)

Familija: Chaetodontidae

Latinski naziv: Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis

Naziv: Bluestriped angelfish

Ishrana: Primarily sponges, offer a varied diet including frozen preperations for sponge and algae eating fish.

Ponašanje: Dangerous: harmless . Generally not safe with corals, but its rarity and cost often puts it in a reef tank.

Minimalna veličina akvarijuma:
Temperature: 23 - 27,7 °C
pH: 8.3 - 8.4
Maksimalna veličina: 22 cm

065/aquaria (2782-742); 063/654-784; 011/2322082, 011/250-96-37

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